Help us to help you

Help us to help you

At the last count, 573 doctors in India have lost their lives during #Covid19 pandemic. Doctors groups on social media carry new #obituaries everyday. And yet, the medical community continues to fight the battle not only against Covid 19 but also against the hundreds of pre existing diseases. In this fight between disease and death, there is only one wall and that is the healthcare community. There is a dire need to strengthen this wall in every aspect for if this wall falls, there can be no hope.

Unfortunately, today we are witnessing even more cases of violence against doctors. As much as it harms the medical community, ultimately it will prove to be more harmful for the society and its future generations.

While the medical community rises above all barriers and continues to answer the call of duty, all we ask for is a little bit of #compassion and understanding . We are together on this journey and ultimately there is only one thing that can get us all through and believe me, it is not a #vaccine…….. “It is #empathy”.

Dr. Aparna Govil Bhasker

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