As a young and inexperienced intern, my first surgical knot was taught to me by an OR nurse.

After I joined surgery, my first breathless day in minor OT was supervised by a senior nurse who could do the excisions and sutures seamlessly and took pride and interest in teaching the young ones in surgery (believe me no one even looked at us at that time).

As the only female PG in the whole surgery department, they were my best buddies, and after a long day in OR when no canteens would be open, I always knew where to look for food and always found it there without fail.

As I became a surgeon, their watchful eyes and insights during surgery helped prevent many a complications and I will always be grateful for that.

Always more systematic and always more dedicated, our nurses work silently day in and day out with the just one goal in mind and see to it that, “every patient on their watch gets the care that they deserve”.

Here’s to the innumerable cups of coffee, the shared tiffins and all the little and sometimes big favours that you have done to us!

Wish you all a very Happy Nurses Day!! We love you all!