Learn to just be


Dr. Aparna Govil Bhasker

It fills me with wonder when I look at the sky,
Its a beautiful blue as far as I can see with my eye,
Rays of the glowing sun peep through the clouds with silver lining,
And pretty birds soar as high as they can fly in the sky,

The sun, the clouds and the birds, the sky is in love with them all.

I envy you O’ sky because you are so everloving and hopeful that you can….. just be.

It fills me with wonder as I look at the tall mountain,
Who lets the river flow through it and give the gift of life,
To the seed that will grow eventually into a beautiful tree.
The mountain is effortless as it gives space to the river to flow and the tree to grow.

I envy you O’ mountain because you are so magnanimous….you can…. just be……

It fills me with wonder as I look at the tiny flower,
That dares to grow in the bed of grass,
A bright yellow in all its beauty,
Not afraid of being trampled along and crushed by this world,

I envy you O’ flower because you couldn’t care less and you can dare to …..just be…..

It fills me with wonder sometimes when I look at me,
Hope and love are what I want to be,
The gift of life is precious, but sometimes I falter,
And run in this race to get ahead of the unknown.
Life is short, and I need to make an effort to get away from the cacophony and get above the noise,
To find some peace, and learn to ….. just be.

Dr. Aparna Govil Bhasker