©️Dr. Aparna Govil Bhasker

I grew up in a small town and one of my favourite childhood memories is about heading out to this small nearby village on my bike. I had a favourite spot there. A beautiful tree by a lake. I would usually take a book with me and just enjoy my time reading, lost in the world of stories. I must have been about ten years old at that time. Later I would cycle around the village and come back to our house which was in a government colony a couple of miles away. It was pure bliss. The freedom, the independence, the safety, the peace and the beauty of being so close to nature.

I moved to Mumbai 25 years ago, and the contrast couldn’t have been bigger. This is the city of opportunities. Life is fast and happening here. This city doesn’t fail you if you can work hard. There is something different about being in Mumbai. It instills a different kind of confidence in you. After all these years now I feel that, I cannot live in any other city. But I do miss the old days and cherish old memories. And…. ofcourse, being able to be close to nature in Mumbai is a luxury.

In this journey of life, everything is changing constantly irrespective of whether we want it that way or not. I learnt early in life that there are bigger plans in place than our own petty plans. We have to stop struggling and allow those plans to take over to be peaceful. All we can do is make sure that we cherish every yesterday and look forward to every tomorrow.

Today ofcourse is a beautiful day!!